Florida Flower Power Privacy Policy

Effective on November 1, 2004:
Florida Flower Power takes the privacy and security of our customers very seriously. We are providing this Online Privacy and Security Statement because you have the right to know what information we collect, how it is protected, and how it is used

Florida Flower Power Privacy and Security Statement:
Our policy is to provide a pop-up free, advertisement free, and spyware free family oriented shopping experience for our customers. We do not gather or store any personal information about visitors to our site and we never sell or share any information about our customers. Everything we do is aimed at making your Internet experience safe and convenient. We value your privacy.

We Do Not Use Tracking Cookies:
We do not use any type of spyware or tracking cookies and we do not subscribe to any type of pop-under or pop-up advertisement technology. We do not use banners and we do not advertise for other companies on our site. If you do find that any covert personal information gathering technology has been generated in connection with our site, please notify us and we will investigate immediately.

To Whom this Statement Applies:
This Statement only applies to floridaflowerpower.com, the web pages on that site with addresses that begin with http://floridaflowerpower.com. This Statement does not apply to affiliated entities you may find via links on our site or to third parties.

The Personal Information We Collect and How It Is Gathered:
We collect only the Personal Information our customers voluntarily provide to us. We do not store this information online.

How We Use Your Personal Information:
We do not share any of your personal information with anyone else. We will never make unsolicited sales calls and we will never spam your e-mail.

E-mail You May Receive From Us:
We will only respond to your e-mail inquires. If you recieve unwanted e-mail from us, you can respond to the e-mail with a note to take you off our e-mail list. We will do so immediately. We do have frequent storms in Florida and on rare occasions we may not respond to your e-mails immediately, due to power outages or other conditions beyond our control, but be assured that you will have our full attention as soon as we are back online.

The Personal Information We Share and With Whom We Share It:
We do not share any of your Personal Information with anyone, ever.

Types of Information We Gather and How It is Used:
We will never use any technology that places any type of spyware onto your computer. We do not use tracking cookies of any type on our site and we do not require you to have cookies enabled to order from us. However, we do use technology to collect anonymous, non-personal, tracking information about how our site is used. This allows us to see which search engines or links our visitors are entering from and what they are searching for. We use this information to improve our site navigation and to determine what new services we should offer. We do not share this information with our affiliates or other third party companies. We will not use this information to identify you or any other user of our web site. Your computer may store a temporary copy of the web pages you have visited on our site so that you can view them off line and so that the page will load faster the next time you visit us. You can delete these files from your computer at any time by deleting your temporary internet files.

Our Policies Regarding Children:
We will not knowingly collect personal information about any person under 18 years of age. If you believe that we have information from or about anyone under 18 years of age, please notify us by email. If you are under 18 years of age, please do not submit any information without the express consent and participation of a parent or guardian. We will also not knowingly link to any sites that contain adult content or gambling. Our affiliations are carefully screened so that our site content and links remain family oriented. If you find any sites linked to our site that you believe to have adult only content, please notify us and we will investigate immediately.

Updates to this Statement:
We will update our privacy statement from time to time to reflect changes in our business. If we change how we use your personal information, we will post the policy change notification on the web site. Our current Statement was last updated November 1, 2004

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